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Hello Family and Friends!

Adventures in Missions is committed to furthering the Kingdom of God in our neighborhoods and around the world. The harvest is ripe; our programs and initiatives are back in full swing as we are witnessing and partaking in an incredible move of God! Thank you for continuing to sow seed and investing in this ministry. I am excited to continue to share how God is using your partnership to make a difference in the lives of my squad, I-Squad, and so many around the world!

After our debrief in Guatemala (check out my last blog post for details), my squad served two months (March and April) in Costa Rica. They had the privilege to partner with two amazing ministries.

One ministry in Jaco is called Ocean’s Edge. Ocean’s Edge ministries has many different focuses to their mission in Jaco. My teams were able to work alongside them as they focus to educate and train locals with business skills, volunteer with a pregnancy center, disciple a youth group, as well as attend and encourage the local congregation.

They were also blessed to partner with Till He Returns ministries that focuses on reaching the inner city youth of San Jose through hip hop dance classes. My teams were able to assist with administration needs as well as attend the dance classes to make relationships with the youth and hang out with them outside of class. 

Squad Blogs Costa Rica:

  • Paula’s blog about serving in the church in Costa Rica HERE! (Blog password- pjworldrace2021)
  • Kevin’s blog about doing ministry on the streets in Jaco and watching a lady receive healing in her foot! HERE!
  • Arianna’s blog about some of the healings I-squad has seen on the field here!
  • Check out Jacken’s video he made highlighting our ministry partner’s, Til He Returns Hope Project that desires to show people their identity in Christ alone! HERE! (Blog password- J21)
After two months of ministry in Costa Rica, it was time for another debrief! Debrief is a time that the whole squad gets together for furthered training as well as rest and reflection of their journey on the World Race. 

This debrief was held at a Christian camp in the mountains outside of San Jose. It was such a place of rest that the squad and myself really needed. We worshiped together, played games, and dug deep into the Word with an overview study of the entire Old Testament! This was the first time I was trying to teach an overview of the whole Old Testament. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but I enjoyed every minute of it! And the fruit in the racer’s lives has been huge! I have heard over and over from them just how much the Bible is coming alive and now makes sense! This gets me really excited! This is one of the reasons I do what I do! 😀 Praise the Lord!

I arrived to debrief with eager anticipation as we were going to select new Squad Leaders from within the squad.  The World Race desire to operate with an emphasis on high empowerment. We want to teach and show them how to live a life focused on Kingdom and then we want to see them do it without our help. With that desire in mind, our model for leadership is rather unique. For the first 4 months of their time on the field they have Alumni Squad Leaders. (Leaders who have already done their 11 months on the field.) Then after 4 months we select new Squad Leaders from the participant group. These new Squad Leaders are then trained by the Alumni Leaders for month 5 of their trip. Then the Alumni Squad Leaders leave the field at the end of month 5. I LOVE this about our leadership structure. It is exactly what Jesus did with His disciples. He did life with them and taught them how to live a Kingdom focused life, how to love the Father, and how to set the captives free! Then He left them and gave them instructions to do what He did without Him physically there. It’s so beautiful! 

After debrief I traveled with the squad to their next location, Dominican Republic. There I was able to train my new Squad Leaders! It was an awesome week of bonding, digging into scripture, learning how to disciple and point people to Jesus. While also learning some practical understanding of their role and responsibilities. We had a really incredible time together and I have every faith that they will do well. I get to work with them for the rest of their time on the field as my ‘go to’ people on the field.

Introducing my new Squad Leaders! Starting on the right: Manuel Torres, Lindsey Pruitt, and Raquel Portillo. I am so blessed to be able to work alongside these three lovely people! They are all fierce for the things of the Lord while also walk in a humble patience for the people around them. Pray for them as they take on a heavy load as shepherds over the flock, I-Squad! 
Until They Know Ministry Outreach- Team Girlz on Fire!

My teams were spread out all over Dominican Republic for the month of May. We partnered with two different local ministries called Makarios and the other Until They Know. Both of these ministries are having incredible impact on their communities. My teams were able to share the gospel and pray for people during village visits, work with kids, and overall were just hugely blessed by being embraced by the local body of believers! 

We also had two teams that did not partner with local ministry hosts but were unleashed onto the streets to seek who God had for them to minister to each day. They were able to make some really incredible connections and share Jesus’ heart to many individuals. One team really focused on the sex trafficking industry that is present in the DR. Check out a few of their blogs below for more ministry details! 

Squad Blogs- Dominican Republic:

  • Aaron’s blog about the challenges of ministering to prostitutes on the streets in the DR HERE
  • Victoria’s blog about the western church falling prey to the schemes of the enemy HERE as well as her blog about working with Until They Know ministries HERE!

Where’s I-Squad now??? They have been in TURKEY for the month of June! Turkey stories coming soon on the next update! <3

I am so grateful for your partnership in bringing the love of Jesus to those around the world who have never experienced it before. Because of generous and faithful partners like you, we are able to equip this generation to know who God is for themselves and then send them out to reach the nations for the Kingdom of God! 

Let’s continue to stay connected! I’d love to pray for you during this time as you have been faithful to do for me.  I’d also love to hear from you! Feel free to give me a call or text at (678)971-9051.



  • Prayer for my next travels coming up! I leave this Sunday July 4th for Turkey! We will have another debrief in Turkey before the team heads to Tbilisi, Georgia (Georgia the country, not Georgia where I live! haha).

  • Prayer for my fundraising. I have lost some monthly supporters and will soon need to do another fundraising push but have not had the time for it. Pray that I will be bold and obedient to the Lord to invite others on this journey with me and for me to remember that I am giving them an opportunity to build rewards in heaven by being apart of Kingdom expansion! 

  • Pray you and I can stay connected. It’s really encouraging for me to hear from you, and I would love to support you as well. Call or text to (678)971-9051. Also, here is my blog:

  • Pray for our long-term missionaries and partners who are continuing to be a light to their communities.
  • Pray for the World Race, World Race: Gap Year, and Semesters by WR teams as they minister internationally.
  • Pray for our leadership as we continue to move forward with the missions God has given us.


  1. May the Lord bless you.-
    May His shine be upon you.-
    May He will continue to show himself to you.-
    He will provide everything at the right time!!!!

    Thanks for your leadership…

    Praying for your trip tomorrow. Say hello to Raquel for us

  2. Steph! I can’t wait to see you next week! Safe travels! Prayers for our debrief and for HS to move as we enter deep learning into Him and His works. Thank you so much for who you are and what you do for the Kingdom. I can’t imagine learning from anyone else.

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