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Hello family & friends! 


How are things?!?! I pray that each of you are finding peace and stability in Christ and Christ alone! This world is spinning round and round so fast it seems like. The only thing that keeps me straight forward and moving is the fact that Jesus is King! And that He is alive and moving on this earth! Hallelujah! 

I wanted to update you all on my trip to El Salvador. As I mentioned in my last update, N-Squad (my new squad that launched January 2022), just served two months in Honduras, then I met them in El Salvador to do a week of Debrief and a week of Training. God is moving in El Salvador! Not only was it great to see my squad and continue to teach and guide them, but I was so blessed to see that the believers in El Salvador are on fire for the Lord! The Lord is moving in the hearts of the people! We went to a church that was in revival! The presence of God in their church service was physically felt and seen! 

The whole squad loaded up in the back of a pickup truck (yes, with a cage over it) on our way to the Revival Church service in El Salvador. The people’s hearts were crying out to God in strong worship and prayer that was felt! Praise God for what He is doing in El Salvador! <3


Jamie shares about how we even met the pastor of the church as it was definitely a DIVINE appointment! HERE



Debrief Week in El Salvador

Debrief is a time to reflect on what God has done, check in with each individual racer’s health as well as the team’s health as a whole. We worship and get into the Word together, and encourage one another. This debrief was so fun and impactful!  We taught on the Father’s love and how to equip ourselves with the Word of God to not fall prey to any of the ‘devil’s schemes’ (2 Corinthians 2). We all lived together in two rented homes that were in the same gated community and cooked our meals family-style! The Lord took care of our every need!

(Me teaching the squad a worship song that I wrote!)

(Stephanie with Stephanie at the top of a volcano during our Adventure time at debrief!)


Training Week in El Salvador 

For the training week, I like to focus on one topic per day and really dive deep together. The first day I went through the timeline of the entire Bible! It was so fun! I like to give people a greater understanding of the background of what they are reading and how it all correlates and ties together. (The whole Bible is about Jesus just FYI. Message me if you don’t know about it!) We then got into other topics: Hearing from God, Holy Spirit, Manifestations of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12), and Spiritual Warfare. Overall wanting to focus on how to live a Spirit-led abundant life with Jesus at the center! After our two weeks in El Salvador, the squad headed to Nicaragua where they have been serving three different ministry partners faithfully! <3

(My Old Testament timeline teaching! The whole Bible is about JESUS!)

(My leadership team out to dinner! Thank you all for what you do to serve your squad well!)




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