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Update: Introduce my Jan. 2020 Squad; Debrief in Jordan; Vacay in Israel- Blessed!

Shalom family and friends!  I write to you from the beautiful country of Oman! I am excited to catch you up on my last few months of life! (As well as my squads’ lives! haha)

Mid October I had yet another Training Camp! This Training Camp was for my next squad, E-Squad, who will launch January 2020. It was an awesome and also strenuous camp, which are always wayyy worth it! E-Squad has 25 participants, 9 males and 16 females. Overall, this squad was eager, ready and open to what the Father had in store for them. Lots of lives were touched and many of them saying that they experienced the realness of God for the first time in their lives! (Even those who have been Christians and gone to church all their lives.) I am excited to see what God will do through them next year and also for them to grow more in love with their Maker! <3

(During Training Camp we aim to prepare the squad physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have workout challenges and a fitness hike with their pack. We desire to see our squad physically healthy so that they will be able to go anywhere God calls them to go and not be bound by physical conditions.  We also enjoy teachings designed to grow us as individuals by reflecting and working through internal healing in any areas of brokenness in our past or current experiences. The racers learn very practical information about life on the race and in other countries. They learn about cultural sensitivities, feedback, community, how to share about Jesus cross culturally, and much more!)

(Introducing the Beautiful E-Squad at their finest!)

(Me teaching them something ha)

(In the Orange, getting ready to play some game and dominate during Squad Wars!)

Blogs from E-Squad about Training Camp:

-Meet E-Squad via Lauren Munson’s video and hear why they decided to do the World Race. She also has another video about Training camp here. It’s a long one but I encourage you to watch it as she does a beautiful job of sharing how Training Camp has ‘altered the course of her life’. 

– Read Scott’s blog about his pursuit of abandonment for the Lord and to discover the MORE God has for him here.

– Jami shares about uncovering fear about sharing her faith openly here.

Here Hollyn shares a growing passion for unreached people groups to hear the good news of the Gospel. 

After Training Camp I had two weeks to rest and prepare for a 31-day field time which would include two debriefs with a vacation in between. On November 12th I flew to Amman, Jordan for T-Squad Final Debrief!! It was hard to believe that they have already finished 11 months on the field! Final Debrief went sooo well! We celebrated together and thanked God for an incredible year. T-Squad left ready to go into their next season full of the Spirit and ready to seek first the Kingdom of God in their everyday lives at home!

(T-Squad during Final Debrief.)

(We shared final words of love and blessings to one another.)

Blogs from T-Squad:

  • Zach writes a stunning blog about the fearless love of Jesus as he pursues his bride. 

  • Arianna shares a detailed heart racing account of their team being in Lebanon during fires and riots here.

  • Molly talks about her last week on the Race and some lessons learned from the year here.

After T-Squad Final Debrief I met up with my friend Sara and traveled to Israel for some needed time off! We did a 10-day tour that included the main sites of Israel and Jordan. The time was busy (as all tours are) but enjoyable. It has been quite an experience to walk where Jesus walked!!! Overall, I have had a fabulous time and will remember this experience forever. <3

(Behold the holy land of Jerusalem.) 

(Oh also, Petra in Jordan!)

Well that’s it everybody. Very brief I know, but I could write a novel each time I write with all the small details that contain God’s fingerprints, and I just don’t have time for that! ha- I am currently in the airport (I just arrived and am killing time in the airport since I cannot check in yet to my AirBnB lodging) in my next debrief location, Muscat, Oman. Tomorrow  I will meet up with Y-Squad, my squad that launched in August for their end of month 4. Stay tuned for more debrief fun of Oman in my next update! Blessings!

(Sara and I with my good friend, Fred; who took me through Wadi Rum…Well, I named him, not sure how accurate his given name by me was… actually not positive if he’s a dude or not…Either way he didn’t seem to mind.)


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