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Oman Debrief, Launch training, PSL, and Indonesia!!!

Hello family & friends!  I am excited to update you on the last few months of my life!

Last I wrote to you it was early December and I was leaving Amman, Jordan and flying to my next debrief in Muscat, Oman to meet up with my August squad, Y-Squad. Debrief went very well. Debrief is a time for rest in the Lord, refining growth with teachings and fellowship, and refocusing back onto the mission that is ahead of us. In Muscat we were able to do just that. We worshiped together, prayed together, and learned together. During my session I talked about brokenness. How we use hard things in our life to remove our self-sufficiency which then propels us to rely solely on God for everything! During these 11 months one of the biggest hopes we have for our participants is for them to learn how to live a life radically dependent upon God! God is stretching them. They are half-way through and fighting to persevere and say ‘yes’ to all that God is calling them into. Prayers for endurance, agape love that only comes from the Father, and a heart that breaks for what breaks His! 

(Lunch with our new leadership team! – Laura, Austin, and Jewel!)

(Ministering to one another at debrief.)

(Y-Squad during our early Christmas celebration together.)

After Oman debrief, I was home in Gainesville, Georgia for five full days then headed to my parents house for Christmas in Boise, Idaho! I spent two weeks soaking up the love of family and friends and celebrating God sending Jesus to the earth! 

(Christmas lights at the park in Idaho.)

(Lauren’s baby shower!)

January 3rd I arrived back to Gainesville and that same day started Project Search Light (PSL). PSL is an event we have for participants who come home off the field. We host a PSL about a month after they have been home. The time at PSL is for processing and recovery from their race and to help them transition well into their next season. It was such a huge joy to see T-Squad (January 2019 squad) again so soon after seeing them in Jordan this past November! It was great to hear how their transition home has been and to encourage them to keep seeking what God has for them in their next chapter of life. Overall, it was a very uplifting and life giving week! 

Soon after PSL my January 2020 squad, E-Squad arrived in Atlanta, Georgia for their Launch Training!! We do an additional 5 day training right before the teams are about to fly to their first country, Australia. For the past three weeks E-Squad has been working with our Ywam partners in Coffs Harbor, Australia. They helped out with two different churches doing an assortment of things such as elderly home visits, church service, worship, cleaning, kids camp, and sharing about the love of Jesus! 

(Beautiful Australia! Picture by Ryan Reynolds from E-Squad)

(Ministry time in Coffs Harbor. Photo by Lauren Munson of E-Squad.)

Currently I am in Bali, Indonesia for E-Squad’s first debrief! The squad arrives late tonight with debrief starting Thursday morning. I am excited to hear about their time in Australia in person and to refocus them and spur them to keep following what God has for them this year. 

(Coaches, Matt & Kathy, and me waiting for E-Squad in Bali!)

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E-Squad Blogs:

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  • Here Lindsey shares how the Lord has already been working on healing her heart this past month in Australia.

Thank you for your love and prayers!! 

Love Steph

(Snowing in Boise)


  1. I love your updates, Stephanie. It’s such a treat to see what’s happening on the field with Adventures.

    I’ll bet your family was happy to have you home for a visit.

    Blessings for a good debrief in Bali. Say hello to Matt & Kathy from me. Looks like you’re off to a great start.

  2. LOVE THIS. You carry so much peace, presence and JOY wherever you go and this blog is evidence! Can’t wait to hug you soon.

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